Loteries de Catalunya chooses Neccton’s Mentor software

Real-time data analysis powered by AI from Mentor identifies harmful gambling activity. It helps players and operators detect potential problems early by identifying triggers, like an increase in deposit frequency and notifying the operator enabling the end user to make more informed decisions.

Mentor also has modules for Fraud, AML and CRM.

Dr Michael Auer said: “Another lottery has adopted our solution, which is a wonderful endorsement as we know that lottery operators work within very strict guidelines. We are looking forward to working and growing with Loteries de Catalunya for many years to come!”

A spokesperson from Loteries de Catalunya said: “Loteries de Catalunya believes in a lottery as a form of social entertainment that is technologically up-to-date and socially inclusive, and its mission is to contribute to the cohesion of society.

“Dr. Auer and his team have been amazing with all this challenging implementation and we look forward to many years of successful collaboration.”

Meanwhile,Free games in February, Betsson Group announced it will use Mentor tools from Neccton in the Ontarian market.

Dr Auer welcomed Betsson and said: “We are delighted to welcome a customer of this calibre into our family!"

Marina Bogard, Betsson Group’s Managing Director for North America, said: “Betsson takes Anti-Money Laundering and Responsible Gaming very seriously and we are committed to providing the safest and most efficient platform and experience for our players.”